Hon. Odinga went to Nigeria to get lecture on how the economic and political breakdowns can be fixed as he reported.

ODM leader Hon. Raila Odinga went to Nigeria as a tour for preparing in the next year national event. Hon. Odinga went to Nigeria to get a lecture on how the economic and political breakdowns can be fixed, as he reported. He was accompanied by his closest allies including a personal assistant.

Odinga spends some time in Anambra State, Abuja then Nnamdi Azikiwe University. It is speculated that only spiritual intervention took him to Nigeria. The coming elections made him look for natural sources of winning the élections.

In the beginning of the year, he went to YALE University where the brotherhood of death society was born. He spent some days in the US while anointed with the blood of YALE university.

He had several trips to Nigeria,especial the recent trip had many meanings. He went to six states of Nigeria and met the Kings, leaders of Senate and council of elders from the respective regions.

The next years' election has made the CORD principles to move in and out of the country in seeking for support. Wiper party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka recently Visited Japan and China seeking technology support. While the ODM leader visited other countries seeking spiritual nourishment. Another leader was left to carry on with the CORD campaign task.

Is the election giving the opposition leaders sleepless nights? Can the votes be found in the spiritual favours or technology? Hon. Odinga will be back in the country this weekend.

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