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Democrat Hillary clinton leads by 2 percent according to recent reports from 10 U.S states.

Voting has already started in the United States. The voters who are in the diaspora have been allowed to start voting for their loving coming president. The Americans who are now asking themselves where to vote in the next important elections, told to stay calm until next week. Some Americans who were interviewed by Washington daily said that they also would like to know when the centers or station will be opened so that they can be able plan themselves well.

The presidential candidates will also vote in their respective centers. It is speculated to be a tight race between Donald Trump and his democrat counterpart Hillary Clinton. According to the recent polls held in ten states in the U.S, it shows that the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton  is leading with a difference of  only 2 percent. The recent polls also show that the democrat candidate has more support from women and immigrants in the majority of states in the U.S.

The end of next week, the doors will be opened for voting,the Americans will be looking for Obama (POTUS) successor. The republican supporters already raised an alarm of elections rigging by the president Obama administration in favor of Hillary Clinton. It is still not clear on how the elections will be conducted as the Donald Trump supporters blown the trumpet of mismanagement.

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