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Revealed!!! The Hillary Complicated background and Myths made her lost the Elections. Read the complicated Background.

Chelsea clinton weeps with her Mother after Donald Trump declared the President elect.
Chelsea and her mother Hillary weeps when Trump was declared the winner. (PHOTO: courtesy of Facebook).

#RIPAmerica #trumpwins
Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born in Kenya at Coast General Hospital in Mombasa. Hillary Clinton before changing her name was called Hilmar Rodham. Her Mother is called Dorothy Emma Howell and father Hugh Ellsworth Rodham. She was born in 26/10/1947 at 7.24PM at the Coast general Hospital.

Her father was born in Kanyadhiang village in Nyanza. The father got Hillarys' Mother in school and they were both students. She was born by students who met in Kenya in the early 1940s.

The Coast province general hospital was under the British protectorate of Kenya. Most of the whites delivering in that hospital. The Hillary story that shows she is a sister to Obama did not stop in Kenya. She met Obama at Yale University where she was studying. Obama went to Yale University for practice session from his Harvard University.

They all later joined politics and won senatorial positions. Hillary got the post from Newyork and Obama from Illinois. Later Obama became president and took Hillary Rodham as the US secretary of State.

The fall of Hillary Clinton is a major fall to all Africans. Donald Trump was born in New York Queens in New York City, United states on June 14, 1946. All his parents were from the United Kingdom and were among the British settlers who contributed in slavery trade. The win of President- Elect Donald Trump is a win to the European countries especial the United Kingdom countries.

Here is the proof that Donald trump revealed about Hillary Clinton Birthplace and real the real Parents. #DonaldTrump tweets(Bombshell).

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