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Hillary is clean from FBI investigation.CNN cooper grill Kellyanne Conways on Clinton hacked emails as WikiLeaks threaten to expose her badly.

Hillary clinton in a shock following Wikileaks tweets.
Hillary Clinton suprised about wikileaks ultimatum. They said that they will expose her badly if will now resign in the presidential bid before today evening. PHOTO courtesy of AFP.

WikiLeaks gave Hillary Clinton an ultimatum which ends today to drop from the white house race. The WikiLeaks said they will expose him badly if she will not resign. The Hillary Camp went on a mute looking for ways on how they will end the saga. The FBI report shows that Hillary is safe to proceed with the presidential bid, they went through all the emails and found her clean.

The current U.S election is full of drama especial from the Presidential candidates. CNN presenter Anderson Cooper grilled Donald Trump campaigner Kellyanne Conways in an interview about Comey's letter to Hillary Clinton. The conversation was quite tough while some critics denoted that cooper is a H0mos£xually. It is also emerged that Clinton Founadtion recieved millions of shillings from other countries when she was U.S secretary of state.The majority are Arabian countries which supports ISIS.

The choice here will be between a corrupt Hillary Clinton as described by international dailies or Donald Trump a liar and a Russian affiliate. The saga are all in a row.

This was how the conversation reported between the CNN cooper and Conway.

After Conway smacked the Clinton campaign for their fully-negative anti-Trump message, Cooper asked her whether her campaign would act any different. Cooper said one way they could do that was by no longer publicly stating that Clinton will face an imminent criminal indictment.
 Some of the Trump critics furies provided their comments. Look some of the comment below.

American now are hot on the republican and Democrat candidates.

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