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HON. Amason Kingi attacked by people over 50 Million loss resulted from IFMIS hacked password.

Amason Kingi opens kadaina dispensary.

Kilifi county governor Hon. Amason Kingi has been attacked by people in social media for allegedly absconded county funds. The  critics reminded about the 100 million house that Amason bought for himself at Mnarani.The 50 Million lost through IFMIS loosely password was meant to provide health services in Ganze sub-county hospitals.

Hon. Amason said, " I will not tolerate people who are stealing county funds and soon will realise the list of the people allegedly participated in the loss of the Millions".

Kibarani ward MCA furious attacked the governor saying the amount of money that was lost keeps on increasing day by day. She said," At first it was 30 Million, the second meeting was at 40 Million and now third gathering,it has reached 50 million. The increasing percentage means the money lost was close to 100 Million." The fiercely MCA added that the next meeting, the county lost funds will reach 70 Million.

The comments from social media about the loss of the Millions woke up forgotten past county scandals. This is what the residents had to say to their governor.

The first one stated "Well said,thank you Mheshimiwa. we are now anxiously waiting to see the actions that will be taken on the matters at hand, if not fairly handled, they may serve as a weapon to change Kilifi county leadership come 2017"

Balozi said, "I expect Owen Baya on the list because he's adversely mentioned. And as a matter of fact, he knew of this issue before it was made public."

Morhan said, " Well...tribalism and giving job positions due to the tribal line is indeed part of corruption."

Kalume criticises the move and said,"How about the Malindi tarmac road project in which you pocketed 20 million for a contract from Nairobi. Idiot!!"

Amason Kingi commisioned a dispensary at Kadaina island, Matsangoni.


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