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Hon. William Ruto Rallies at the COAST critics say were death ground laid for Jubilee.

Deputy president William Ruto in the COAST.

According to the reports given by the series of rallies happened in Coast region, done by the Deputy president Hon. William Ruto shows that the region is now becoming jubilee zone. The billboards and campaign items were all over the region.

Bana went to the ground to gather information on how the rallies helped. Bakari from Kwale said,"Tunakula pesa tu sisi hapa lakini hii ni ODM/WIPER Zone" Meaning "We are only taking money but it is an ODM/WIPER zone". The majority of the people from the streets of Mombasa are still supporting CORD and they are for Jubilee for money.

The majority of people around the south coast are not happy with the government because of the injustice happened in Kwale. Northcoast as well had injustices since independence and they are supporting CORD.North coast comprises of Kilifi, Lamu, Mombasa,Taita Taveta and Tana River counties.

The Rallies that Hon. William Ruto did off the coast were good sessions for the ones who did not have votes to milk money. He was accompanied by Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya who he is likely to go down in the next election together with his colleague Kilifi North M.P Gideon Maitha Mung'aro.

According to the research done by Bana Kenya, It shows Raila Odinga is leading with 80% of voters support compared to President Kenyatta. The coast region where the 20% of Jubilee is Lamu and some parts of Mombasa and Kilifi. Kwale is ODM and WIPER zone and the trip that the Jubilee had was a sign of laying down the death of Jubilee in the south coast.


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