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Is government buying "FAKE" chinese defense weapons? Irritated Kenyan went on Twitter.

"We must prioritise our education for our children in Kenya" Says Ruto..

President Uhuru Kenyatta was furious on the increasing persecution rate of the Kenya Defense Force in South Sudan. The president with the Defense team decided to withdraw the Defense forces from South Sudan. The increase in mortality rate of our defense force who are also in Somali now is scaring. The attacks that people have forgotten which were carried out  against our forces in the battle to secure Kenya is now being directed to the Weapons which they are using.

Devasted Kenyans when on twitter and show off what the defense forces were given to go for a fight. The defense ministry scandal that the opposition leader Raila Odinga roared shows was a real. The procurement of the Military weapons had irregularities and purchased fake tankers and other defense gadgets which ended up broken in the battle.

Do these gadgets contributed to the attacks in Somali? Is the government playing with people souls in the battle? The scandal that Odinga revealed about the defense tendering and procurement looks like,  it had a right notation.

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