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Is Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto Dead? Rumours from Social Media after the teargas canister injury. He will be released from the hospital today.

Bomet Governor Death claims are rumors, he is well and fit.
Bomet Governor hit by a teargas canister and rushed to a Nairobi hospital.
(Photo: Moses Omusula)

Bomet Governor Hon. Isaac Ruto was airlifted to Nairobi to seek emergency treatment after he was hit and injured by a teargas canister. The problem that led to the governor injury was the match between Bunge FC and Silibwet FC. The supporters grouped into political fuels and stimulate rather than being Football fans.

The group was divided into two. A group which supported Governor Isaac Ruto and another supported National assembly Deputy speaker Joyce Laboso. The groups clashed and it took several hours as the police intervened.

The hot-tempered youth  threatened each other and later engaged with stones during the match at Silibwet Sports ground for more than an hour. The police were forced to through tear gas to disperse the angry youth. The chaos started on the arrival of the Bomet governor Isaac Ruto who was accompanied by youths who were  shouting Chama Cha Mashinani jingle.

The confrontation between the groups led to the injury. A tear gas canister that was targeted to fall on the battle hit the Bomet governor in his eyes. The head-to -head between the supporters continued but the bodyguards took the governor out of that field.

The governor now is doing good.In the social media, rumours are, the Governor died in one of the hospitals in Nairobi following the Chaos. But it is just a rumour .Members of National Assembly rushed to the Hospital to pay a visit including CORD principals lead by Hon. Raila Odinga.[no-sidebar]

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