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Is it Money, beauty or God's work? Revealed, why Women venture in Church work calling themselves W.O.G.

Rev Ruth Wamuyu listens music.

The word of God now is really in the hands of women in the world. In Kenya, the majority of the women are calling themselves PROPHETESS. These so called prophetess are some of them found in Koinange streets in Nairobi and Mtwapa clubs in Mombasa. What are the women of God doing in the night clubs?

This trend of  street women calling themselves women of God is so frustrating even to the community itself. It was revealed that money is the main factor. The majority of the ladies move from the streets to start a place of worship in order to pocket something at least every week.

Bana sources revealed also about the sources of the  powers these ladies of god gets them. Most of the churches are now being controlled by the devil and they are more of Miracles than the real churches. Satanic miracles happen for a while. Last year, there was a fight between prophet Dr. Awour and Bishop Margaret Wanjiru. The fight was about who does the best and original miracles. I'm satisfied to know that you are surprised with the matter too.

According to the bible, God uses people to deliver others and perform miracles. It is not somebody's work but Gods work. Is it fake miracle these people of God are doing? The Prophetess that are known in the country are; Rev. Lucy Natasha, Rev. Teresia Wairimu,Christina Glenn,Mary Bushiri, Rev Monica, Rev Ruth Wamuyu and much more. Do the women who called themselves prophetess represent Gods work? Comment below, please.

Prophet Monica on a leisure trip. PHOTO | Courtesy

Pastor Christina Glenn. PHOTO | Courtesy

Rev Monica
Pastor Bushiri Mary.
Pastor Joan Wairimu

Big Booty Reverend who makes men go crazy. Rev Wamuyu


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