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ISIS and Al-Shabaab terror scare as they took Kenyan Veterinary Officer hostage in Somali.

AL-Shabaab is planning an attack in the Kenyan soil, information leaked. PHOTO | ALJAZEERA

The Kenyan police are alert due to ISIS and Al-Shabaab terror scare in the country. The two groups are planning to attack Major areas in the country. A leaked information from the groups shows that one of the Al-Shabaab leaders sneaked into the country and the police are on an alert note.

According to the inspector General Mr. Joseph Boinnet, the information reached the Kenyan intelligence and the police have alerted the public to be cautious and curious on other people activities. The IG said, " If you find someone and you suspect something please report that suspicion immediately to the police for them to take action."

A Kenyan Veterinary officer was taken hostage by Alshabaab in Somali for being accused of spying to the militants for Kenya Defense Forces. The officer was taken to custody by the Alshabaab after the allegations. The KDF are now on the manhunt to find the officer in Somali. As that happens, other militants are on the ground planning for an attack in the country.

The areas that are now under high security are North Eastern Region and Nairobi. The targeted areas are the areas with a lot of people and congested. The police urged citizens if they have any information or suspect something, then should be reported to the relevant authorities.

The information which leaked through Aljazeera shows that the ISIS are planning to perform an attack on the Kenyan soil and its neighboring countries which supported peacekeeping in Somali. Another main reason is about the refugee repatriation which government said has added insecurity in the country. The government also wants to close the Kakuma refugee camp as well next year to beef up security in the country.


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