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#JesusInNairobi. "Jesus was found on the streets of Nairobi and Ladies were taking selfies." Says an eye Witness.

A man was found in Nairobi today who resemble Jesus of Nazareth.

The most popular HashTag today was #JesusInNairobi. A man who resembles Jesus was found in Nairobi Central Business district.The Old Italian who resembles Jesus was on the streets of Nairobi begging for help as others took  selfies, "Saying that they are taking a photo/selfie with Jesus."

Some of the people in twitter criticised the move of Saying "HE" was Jesus.

Eddy Gichuru said," In This Doomed Smartphone Generation. The real Jesus will come and People will be left out Coz they Wanted a Selfie First!#Jesusinnairobi "

The Nairobi Jesus ended in Muthurwa market walking bare feet. The same scenario happens in Zambia in 2006 and Uganda last year when Robert Powell (born 1 June 1944) visited the country. All the people in Uganda were bowing for him calling him Jesus. It all started at the airport to the churches and other areas where Powell visited were bowing. He told the people not to do so because he was not Jesus but an actor.

The Nairobi Jesus shocked many people and some were planning to pick their wives for bed calling it "the last session" because of they so the end of the world. This is actually crazy. Read some of the tweets from different people below who had a feeling about the Nairobian Jesus. 

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