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Kilifi County Rocks another 1.18Billion Scandal involving the heart of the county government.

Corruption allegation hit Kilifi county Again.

Kilifi county led by Governor (003) Hon. Amason Jefwa Kingi has another corruption hit. The health scandal moved from the National level to the county level. Kilifi county has a new graft scandal of Ksh. 1.18 Billion. The money which was meant to upgrade Hospitals in Malindi sub-county, Ganze sub-county and Mariakani sub-county hospitals was pocketed and nothing was taken to the Hospitals.

Malindi sub-County hospital has no even a paracetamol syrup in the children's ward. "And someone with a medical insurance cover of about 2M per year stole 51M sitting comfortable with his balls." One of the Doctors said. 

The Malindi general Hospital is just an example of other hospitals who are empty with patients directed to pharmacies to buy medicines. The county secretary Mr Owen Baya has been criticised on the massive loot at the county with taking necessary actions. The majority of people are now not happy with Mr Baya conduct in the county. 

The county Governor Amason Kingi criticised the government about talking corruption in the counties while they have massive scandals. The people of Kilifi are asking the governor to sack the county secretary and other officials regarding the loss of funds and abuse of office in regard to the CS Mr Baya. The 51 Million loss on IFMIS was not enough and now people are stealing for the last time.[no-sidebar]

The two governors Amason Kingi and Hassan Joho at Mtwapa for an ODM  rally.



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