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Manchester City Vs Middlesbrough updates 1:1. Sergio Aguero's goal closed the chapter for Middlesbrough.

Sergio is main player for the manchester city team.

Manchester City Football Club (MCFC )first goal from Sergio Aguero's 150th City goal that separated the sides at the break. Later in the 91st minute, Middlesbrough's de roon redeemed and balanced the match.  The overall score was Manchester city 1.1Middlesbrough at home of Machester city (Etihad).

Everton ball possession was completely low compared to ManCity.  Manchester City current manager Pep Guardiola had faith with the team and now is planning to beat Crystal Palace at their Selhurst Park. The best goals that Man city has scored give them strength even in the next upcoming match against Chelsea on December 3rd.

Pep Guardiola has emphasized that the big win for the team will be a win against Barcelona in the EUFA league.

Kelechi Iheanacho was the main player for today match.  The ball possession for the matches was Manchester city 71:29  Middlesbrough.

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