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"Nairobi county to upgrade houses in seven estates for 24 Months." Says Housing Chief Officer.

Nairobi to upgrade houses in the near future to encounter the increased population. PHOTO | George

Nairobi County is planning to upgrade housing structures for the residents in the area. The 9 billion project will affect 3000 families in 7 estates. The estates including Estates in Eastlands and Ngong.

The government urged the families that they will be compensated in the period  of demolishing and building new three bedrooms. The bedrooms will be sold at KSH. 4million. The people who will get back to the houses are expected to pay the 4 million in 10 years in order to own them.

The majority of the families said that they have not got any reports of demolition or a notice from the county government.  According to the county government, the tenants will be taken to other areas for 24 months. Under 24 months, the project will be over and the original tenants will be taken back to the new houses for a small fee.

According to Nairobi county Housing chief Officer Eng. Peter Kimori Maranga, the families will be given a lump sum which will be the difference between the amount of money they pay to the county government monthly and cost in the Market for a period of 24 months.

The City housing structure upgrade will join hundreds of houses which were upgraded in the Nairobi slums. The new buildings will market the city  internationally and will make the capital much clean and with better houses. The houses which will be demolished were built in the early 90s and late 80s.

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