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"NO Rongai Matatus will be allowed in the CBD", Roars Dr. Kidero.no-sidebar

Kidero vows to kick Ongata Saccos in the CBD.
Ongata Rongai Matatu had an accident in the open due to careless driving. PHOTO | courtesy Nation.

Rongai Matatus have been a threat to carry Passengers. The rogue matatu drivers are real disturbing the city officials and causing havoc in the Central Business District.(CBD).  The county government of Nairobi vowed to ban those matatus entering the CBD because of the rudeness. The county government of Nairobi led by governor Dr Evans Kidero threatens to take an action quickly.

Last week, the Matatus caused a scene when police officers stopped and found ladies str!pp!ng and dancing abusive music. They were also under influence of illegal substances and drunk. 

Today, a Rongai Matatu had an accident, rolled two times and injured several people. The incident happened near Multimedia University in the morning.  The passengers from that route have been complaining about the rogue touts who harass them when boarding matatus.

The Nairobi governor Dr Evans  Kidero said  "Ongata Rongai route is always reported to have a number of matatu SACCOs that do not follow the law and have been left to operate freely while endangering the lives of passengers by the National Transport Security Authority. The I will ban them from entering this CBD)".

The SACCOs from Ongata Rongai are careless and not proactive in taking action on the one who flaunts for ladies and breaking the traffic rules. The famously "Kidero grass" on that route  does not grow well because of the rogue " Matatu sector officials " stepping them. The county officers have been urged to be keen on the ones who do not follow traffic rules and deal with them perpendicularly.[no-sidebar]

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