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"One million shillings flavour for you to do a collabo with Akothee", Akothee Managers sealed a deal.

Akothee now need one million to do a collabo.

The female artist of the year in secular music Miss Akothee took the street into a shock after she announced the unthinkable. The artist announced that she will no longer do collaboration freely like before. Akothee status moved a notch higher which made her managers to change her approach from the underground artists.

She agreed with her managers that for any artist to do a collabo with her, he or she will need to deposit one million shillings in her account before they record a song. The agreement signed by the mangers with her shows that, all sorts of manners that will involve Akothee in the music industry, will need to be paid for.

Akothee demands one million to do a collabo with her.The status of this female artist moved from zero to one million for a collabo.

Her supporters are in shock against the move of one million to do a collabo and even to have a selfie. The supporters who took her to that level are now crying for the measures which were taken by the Akothees' crew. The local and underground artists who were yearning to do a collabo with her are encouraged to do harambees in order to do a collabo with her.

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