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Police Brutality in Mumias cause loss of lives due to rape and wild beating.

A woman assaulted by Police in Mumias in Western Kenya. PHOTO | WERUNGA

At Mumias in the Western region, Police caused havoc and injured several residents. The police from General service unit went to Mumias to search for lost guns. The guns lost mysteriously and the people in the area received a thorough beating.

The police evaded the area and caused brutal attacks to the residents. Some of the police loot and rape women. There is a massive loss of properties and cash flow in the area. The seven guns that were stolen last weeks have been recovered.

According to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), the majority of the women suffered mental disconnect due to rape and nursing beat injuries. According to the KNCHR commissioner Ms, Kagwiria Mbogori said that the number of the people who are nursing injuries from the police brutality is steadily increasing.

The inspector of Police Joseph Boinett went under while watching his Men do all sought of mannerless to the women and men in Mumias. Both Men and Women are raped and taken through hard conditions like they are not human beings. The interior cabinet secretary Joseph Nkaiserry vowed to cause a scene in the area if the guns will not be returns.

The Amani National Congress provided a statement on what the Police were doing in the area. Members of Parliament also condemned the process the government  is using in getting such useful items used by the police. Read the ANC statement  below.

*Statement by Amani National Congress (ANC) Party on police brutality in Mumias*
The Amani National Congress (ANC) Party condemns the Police and the Jubilee government for the brutality and barbarism unleashed on residents of Mumias and Matungu in Kakamega County for last two days. The security crackdown following Tuesday night’s armed robbery by unknown thugs on the Booker Police Post in Mumias town wasn’t carried out by ordinary law-abiding citizens right police abused. Citizens are partners against crime not victims of police cruelty. We send our condolences to the deceased Police Officer and the innocent victims of Police brutality in nursing their wounds.

The robbery which cost the life of one Policeman and loss of seven guns and 140 rounds of ammunition resulted from Police laxity, negligence and lack of professionalism. ANC demand an immediate apology from the IG. Police cannot punish wananchi for their failures and incompetence. We demand an immediate apology from Jubilee to the innocent victims of Police brutality especially the helpless women who were raped and sexually abused, those who were beaten and injured and those whose houses and business premises were burnt or destroyed by armed policemen. In addition, the government should settle all the hospital bills for victims who got hospitalised and fully compensate them for injuries and losses urgently.

Kenyans expected the start to recover lost firearms and ammunition to target the arrest, interrogation and prosecution of the head of the Booker Police Post and his officers who were on duty that night. They should explain why they left only one officer guarding the station and why keys to the armoury became easily accessible to the gangsters. Could it have been an inside job? If the Police Post was so insecure, how about the multi-billion investment they are deployed to protect?
This Police laxity at Mumias follows a similar case in West Pokot.


Some of the critics from the angry citizen were allover the social media. Here is a sample of them. Please comment below if you have any thought or suggestions.

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