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The "WORLD VASECTOMY DAY" was a success, 200 men Voluntarily Vasectomised.

 Doctors performed the vasectomies on several hospital after the stage in Nairobi.

Family planning was set to women as the majority of men thought. Family Planning is for both partners as the doctors say.  The day for men to show how much they love their wives was today,"THE WORLD VASECTOMY DAY". More than 200 men turned to the vasectomy clinics in Nairobi.

The majority of people are wondering about this method of family planning. They do not have any information about it. This is a male method of family planning which involves male parts sterilisation. It is a very short time process approximately 20-minute which involves severing the tubes that carry sperm.

The event occurred behind a curtain at the Kenyan National Theatre in Nairobi with leading doctors across the world. Doctors performed the vasectomies on several hospitals after the stage in Nairobi.

"Many men have this perception that vasectomy causes a man to turn into a woman,.Some men fear that in Africa there's a high mortality rate so they need to have more children." Dr Jack Zhang, a Canadian doctor said.

What do you think the vasectomy is?

    It involves surgically cutting or blocking the tubes that transport sperm from the testicles to the penis through the ducts.
    Afterwards, there will be no noticeable difference in the volume of semen, but it will not contain sperm hence safe for a free family meeting.
    It can be reversed, but there is no guarantee it will succeed if done. In short, the process is irreversible and need someone who has decided.

The people who have been gone through vasectomy is estimated to be about 50 million men worldwide. Men are encouraged to take Vasectomy because it takes out the burden from the women. Family planning is for all partners not for women only.

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