People are in fear staying in america. Califonia plans to exit from the American states. CALEXIT.

#TrumpNotMy President #calexit #Hillary VS Trump 59,938,290 votes 59,704,886 votes

Just a day since President- elect Donald Trump declared a winner in the American election, people have gone to the streets complaining about his reign. Donald Trump has not been sworn in and already people are on the streets condemning his clear winning. There has been allegations of corruption and election irregularities towards the winning of Donald Trump.

The Califonia state voters went to the streets today condemning the fairness of the held elections. The slogan "#TrumpNotMyPresident" has been all over the streets of Califonia. The protestors have been advocating for Califonia exit nicknamed CALEXIT. This means that Califonia wants to exit from the United States and be an independent state. Other states had a different story. They were protesting with a slogan of "#LOVE TRUMP HATE".

People are planning to move from the US to Canada. They are selling their properties and preparing to move to Canada. What is wrong with staying in America? Trump Trumpets made people fear to stay in the US.

The Trump winning has brought mixed feeling across the world. The countries who got the news in shock were Mexico, Brazil, and Iran. These countries have been criticising Trump speeches. Most of the European countries were joyful for the Donald Trumping presidency. Will Donald Trump sustain the Americans demonstrations?[no-sidebar]

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