Hillary Clinton Election night headquaters and Donald Trump Election night headquaters in Newyork are full of their respective supporters.The supporters are  Just waiting for the official announcements and tally.
Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman President in US.

The U.S elections results show the Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton leads with 30%. At the Virginia polls centre and the Clinton Election night headquaters in Newyork, the statics also show that the Republican Candidate Donald Trump is narrowing the gap slowly. Trump fans camped at Minnesota are calmly shocked about the result of the elections.

Americans are voting for the next president for the next four years. The Elections were marred with scandals from both candidates. Some of the things that direct voters on who to vote to are listed below.

  •    Republican Candidate Donald Trump is a businessman who has been in politics for few years compared to Democrats Hillary Clinton. Most the business people are voting to Trump because he is one of their own. Trump more voters are people from the European countries who reside in U.S and are business people. Hillary Clinton has the majority of normal communities and charity supporters. 
  •     Hillary Clinton strongholds are the states who have a lot of immigrants and Arabs. She is majorly supported by Antichrists,Christians and Muslims. This is according to the speeches that she made, saying she will not deport any immigrant and will support all religions across America.Trump said that he will make America great again by deporting all immigrants and Muslims. This is what making Trump down in contrast with Hillary.
  •     On the other side of Campaign, Hillary is supported by POTUS Obama regime. This includes President Obama himself, Mitchell Obama, John Kerry, Joe Biden and Much more. Donald Trump has no government support and he is only being assisted by other businessmen and Russia.
  •     Trump speech on women saying they are Ugly and untrusted made majority of women change their minds to Hillary.
  •     Trump is faced with women assaults and corruption in his businesses. It is alleged that he did not pay taxes which amounts to millions of dollars. From the scandals, POTUS Obama supported Hillary Clinton because she understands people problems.  Hillary on her side is also faced with email scandals and allegedly misused the office of U.S secretary of state.
  •     Hillary Clinton is also supported by the majority of celebrities in the US but not compared to Barrack Obama. The recent elections of Obama were of its own because he won with a lot of votes compared to all other presidents who ruled the US.
  •     Donald Trump speeches about other countries are terrible especial about the trade agreements between the US and  Africa,famously known as AGOA. Africa injects close to 3.5 billion dollars annually to the US economy in terms of African imports and 3 billion dollars African exports to the US. Africa contributes 70% of immigrants to the US who go with student based passports.
  • Trump believes in youths getting jobs within the country but not traveling outside to countries like China and European countries.   

Hillary Clinton is the first woman president of United States of America when concluded with that step. She has a big and significant support from other countries across all the continents. She has a huge support from Africa because the majority of immigrants are from Africa. The Barrack Obama regime is well respected across the world and many leaders support Hillary to maintain the relationships. Maybe she might win the race.

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