Clinton supports immigrants and Muslims. That is the message.
We face a serious choice on Tuesday: Will we act to protect the planet for our kids and grandkids, or do nothing? That's what Hillary say to Americans. hillaryclinton.com/makeaplan.

Hillary Clinton faces Donald Trump in Tuesday polls. What happened yesterday night was a true mark that Hillary is together with the American artist. The performances of Beyonce and Jay-Z last night was so amazing. Donald Trump on the other side was taken out of a stage following shooting scare.

The minority of Americans have already voted and from the streets rumors, the majority of the immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton.  The Email saga that Hillary had has provided a percentage of popularity for Republican Candidate Donald Trump. The Entertainment dubbed "Last night" will be a surprise for Donald Trump a day after Tuesday polls, experts suggested.

Which are the voting places? Whom to vote to? What will be the benefit of voting for a particular candidate?. All these questions, Americans are asking themselves in order to have the best president who will take back U.S prestige of being a superpower. Russia has  been on the lead of making sophisticated weapons with President Putin struggling to overcome U.S and that main reason why he is supporting Donald Trump.

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