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What makes Senator Sonko be M.O.G? Is it by the sweetness of Reverend? It is now revealed.

The s3xy Reverend warms the bed of Nairobi senator.

The reasons why the Nairobi senator Hon. Mike Sonko sticks in the church ministry are not what you think. The senator since last year, he has been a member of the church when he was blessed and oiled by the hot Rev. Lucy Natasha in the beginning of the year.

The senator was burst eyeing on the flesh of God. Rev Natasha appearance made the senator feel like it the end of the world. Rev Lucy is allegedly found in corners with the senator. The senator refused to accept the claims that he is dating Lucy and it is only by the grace of lord. It is now evident that he is eating  "this" every week.

 The prophetess which showed the way to the senator also accused of having an affair with a cabinet secretary. The rumours on every street and village about the spiritual leadership show the way how the church ministry is heading.

This accusation comes after Rev. Wairimu launched his parliament structured and the multi-billion church which was opened by the president this year. The reverend was also alleged of joining the secret society.

the hot reverend which makes people go crazy.

People are recieving Holy spirit including Hon Mike Sonko.


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