Who is Shaniqwa of Jameni a KTN show?

Kelvin Mwangi is enjoys being at center stage. He has been advocating for human rights measures and gender balance. The popular "socialite" also called SHANIQWA did the preposterous.  According to him, comedy is what pays in Kenya. He said that by doing these comical activities people feel better and relaxed.

The socialite Shaniqwa shocked people about what he prefers to wear. The absurd aspect that he said, "I prefer wearing ladies clothes than mens clothes. Im used to skirts, dresses and blouses/top. My wardrobe is full of Ladies clothes like i am married."  His cabinets at home are full of makeups and other scented items which shows what he preffers. He perfomes on televison shows and parties. The main television show which he perfomes most is Jameni which is aired by KTN.

Why in Nairobi majority of men celebs prefer ladies clothing? what do you think we are going with this habit? Do we need to say "Serikali saidia wanaume? " The entertainment industry has taken the country in another direction, the direction of socialiting. This plague does not affect only in Kenya but across the whole world. How are we going to prevent this condition?

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