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Who is now the president of U.S(America)? Tomorrow will have the answer.

#MAGA #DrainTheSwamp
Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton has won in more than 100 stations for the ones who did early voting. She is close to the Magic number of 270 stations. She won in 25 states for the ones who pre-voted. The majority of states which she garnered many votes are states comprised of Muslims and Immigrants as the majority. Donald Trump is busy on twitter thanking his followers for what they are doing. Some of the states that Donald Trump leads as of now are Virginia,Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota.

Hillary Clinton visited workshop which hosted some of the American artists including Rihanna, 50 cents, Kayla Gomez and Jay-Z. According to the latest finding, she was leading in the following states; Florida,  Califonia, Washington, Carolina, Renno, and Illinois.

It is noted that Donald Trump is mainly supported by the majority of western people. The Europeans are supporting trump because they assume that the support they will get from Russia will be important to take America ahead.

Here are some of the tweets. #VoteTrump

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