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2 Million Christmas tree allegedly bought by Nyandarua Governor Waithaka Mwangi.

Nyandarua governor Waithaka Mwangi dismisses 2 million Christmas tree allegations. PHOTO | BANA

Nyandarua Governor Daniel Waithaka Mwangi lit a Christmas tree in Ol Kalou town on Monday. The residence took the governor to the social media and mocked the lit as a wastage of county resources. They posted, "a public disgrace and wastage of public resources to the governor Waithaka".

  The residents claimed that the Christmas tree cost 2 million tax payers money. They termed the governor as corrupt and he always abuses the office of the governor.

The governor defended by attacking the few people who spread the rumors of the Christmas tree costs. He said,“You know it cannot happen and this tree does not carry value beyond Sh10,000. But there are those among us who will grab any opportunity available to hurl needless insults.”

The Christmas tree is five meters tall and one meter wide at the base. The director of communications at the county Mr. Eliud dismissed that allegation that the department started the talk on the social media.


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