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5 Best and Most Paying ADSENSE Alternatives with high CPC for websites in 2017.

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Chitika advertising company partnered with googles' double click to provide better services. Chitika Media company now moves alongside with google which is the major advertising company across the world. If you are disapproved by Google Adsense do not feel disappointed. Read through a list of the MOST important adsense alternatives.

Best Google Adsense alternatives in 2017;

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1. Chitika- It is the first and best alternative because its partnered to offer new and improved ads. The only thing that publishers might face in future is how to get approved by Chitika. The company moved a notch higher after google acquired some assets from Chitika media company. It is speculated across the world that Google has plans to buy Chitika company but has not made it official.

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2. Ads optimal - Ads optimal also partnered with google Adsense and are working in providing a good relationship between the advertisers and the two companies. Ads optimal provides a lot of cash by signing premium sites. It also gives out incentives by adding sites to the original account. $5 is given to each site added.

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3. Media net - Bing and Yahoo search engines use Media net as a source of advertising and promoting top advertisers across the world. Yahoo has its own channel in Media net as to Bing. The Second option after Adsense is Media net.  Media net provides good CPC and it is far much better than the other contextual advertising companies.

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4. Adsterra - Adsterra has local advertisers, and promotes local advertising. People wish to view things that associate them in the society. The very low-income person can get to see some ads from Adsterra of his income level. This is the best opportunity for such Niche sites.

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5.  Adbuff- This the second largest advertising company after google. The Adbuff come to lime light in 2015 but has been operating for several years. Getting approved by Adbuff is like running for a hell. They scrutinise sites and approve those who have 50000 and above page views only with purely quality content.

6. BuysellAds- This media company has good CPC as well but, it's not that big as the advertising companies named above. You can have a try on it and see how it performs on your site.

Last but not least we have others which involve around sites with a lot of texts and as well native advertisements.

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1. Infolinks - It is the best text-based sites advertising company. It takes keywords and changes them to advertisers links to maximise revenue. Infolinks has inbuilt functions which can add more revenue when used. It includes; in-line ads, Bold and folds, in text ads and much more. This is the only text-based advertisement company that you do not have to miss. It deals with big advertising companies like facebook, Yahoo and Subaru.

2. Konterra - It is Similar to Infolinks but the difference here is that does not have many features as Infolinks. It directly deals with local advertisers and it is good for increasing revenue.

3. Revcontent - If you have content that can be streamed to other sites or getting content in terms of being sponsored content, the Revcontent is the best. This will provide content from across the top sites across the world including Reuters, CNN, daily mail and much more. It is good for engaging visitors in your sites and at the same time getting income. It is estimated to be the world's fastest growing native advertising network with 250 billion content recommendations a month since 2015.

4. Taboola- It is the same as Revcontent. It is the very oldest native advertising media. It has a good reputation and well developed. It integrates Ads with your related posts and makes good site engagements.Last month, Revcontent achieved 200 billion content from different advertisers across the world. So it surpassed the Taboola advertisement arena in the world as the oldest and first native advertising company.

5. Content.ads- It is similar to Taboola and Revcontent. It is upon the publisher to choose which Ads fit on his site. They deal with small sites and have good CPC.


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