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A Church BISHOP shocked people after he said, he has powers to extend Mens' Genit@ls.

The pastor who said can extend mens' genit@ls.

A controversial Bishop revealed that he has powers to extend the Gods' length of a propeller. According to him God gave him powers to rescue families that the wives do not get satisfied with short propellers. He also added that his own jet is as much bigger as a Tiger Jet.

The bishop from one of the churches in Nairobi urged men who have problems with genit@l to seek him because God uses him to cure such problems. The man of God is also speculated to be a wom@niser. The rumours our sources got from his church servants, they said that most the night prayers in the church are done if the bishop has a partner to accompany and sleep with in the church.

Lol!! these are our pastors who will take us to heaven. I know the world is ending and the false prophets are these ones who they say anything inorder to get Money. My brother be prepared to face the bishop if your woman has been complaining about your genit@l size. He connects directly from Heaven and with a touch and FIRE!!!!! it will expand automatical.

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