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"A major National Doctors and Nurses strike,Patients to vacate public hospitals by Sunday evening." says KMDPU.

President Kenyatta with Deputy President in Murang'a Level 5 Hospital. PHOTO | PSCU
President Kenyatta with his deputy commissioned Murang'a level five hospital with new equipment on 29th November 2016. PHOTO | courtesy PSCU

Patients in public hospitals are requested to be out of the hospital today evening. According to the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union (KMDPU) chairman Dr. Samuel Oroko, some county governments have frustrated Doctors and now they are ready to drop down tools. The majority of the Kenyan doctors live in Miserable life and that is why most of them go abroad to find greener pastures.

Dr. Oroko pointed out that a number of counties which are making Doctors life miserable. The counties include; Mombasa, Embu, Baringo, and Narok counties,and they have denied doctors study leave to specialize. "Today all the doctors across the country will down their tools by evening so all people in public hospitals should vacate," said Dr. Oroko.

A major strike is a schedule across the country on Monday 5th December 2016. The talks between the KMDPU and the government failed to bear fruits. The doctors, Nurses and Medical practitioner across the country will go in a major strike that has not been seen since 1997. "The government has been very slow in implementing the agreements that we made last year." Dr. Oroko added.


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