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A Man Jumped at NSSF towers in Mombasa after a medical Test.

The man who jumped from 13th floor in Mombasa.

A man jumps off the NSSF towers in Mombasa from the 13th floor after obtaining his medical report from a private clinic. The Man went to a certain clinic which is within the building, soon after receiving the report, he decided to Jump from a corridor.

The man was shocked when he got the statement from a medical practitioner. He worked in a nearby clearing and forwarding company. The company he worked is alleged to be close to the NSSF towers. The shipping agent allegedly quarrelled with his wife that morning. He decided to go tested, following the results, he jumped from the house and died on the spot.

The last office he visited declined to give out any report.  The clinic was closed following the incident and the owners disappeared. The police are investigating the incident and will give out reports. According to the eyewitnesses, the man had an ID with the name Njoki Waweru. The Man is suspected  to come from Mombasa Old town and is married to Njoki Waweru. The Police are yet to provide more information about the incidence.


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