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Artist Jaguar to be Nominated as Member of Films and Classification Board.

The famous Kenyan Artist and a businessman Charles Njagua Kanyi commonly known as Jaguar has been nominated as a member of the films and classification board. The artist who is well known for his good music and also as a KCB brand Ambassador was appointed following the scrutiny of his work as an Ambassador.

Recently, The Artist was appointed in the NACADA board as a member.  The artist has three bigger positions in the Government and at the same time a businessman. Following the appointment of the Kenya films and classification board, the CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua praised him for his massive contribution in the NACADA and in KCB.

The artist has a massive work for Kenyans to see and simultaneously will need to entertain his fans with music. Safaricom also selected Jaguar for "Mamilii " tour promotion which will be held during the eves. The tour will be taking place ins different counties across the country.



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