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#Christmas Messages and Newyear Quotes from leaders all over the world.

Pope francis on the Christmas 2016 Mass at vatican. PHOTO | AFP

Christmas is a day celebrated by the Christians to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. The main theme for today's Christmas was all about peace and forgiveness. When Jesus was born in Israel, it was a symbol of unity and human re-birth when they are saved.

Rev. Jackson Ole Sapit, Archbishop, Anglican Church of Kenya stated that Kenyans need to stay vigilant and urge the president not to sign the currently changed electoral bill in order to have a peaceful country.

The Cardinal John Njue, Roman Catholic Church Archbishop, and a leader also urged the president to have a second thought on the controversial bill that was passed by the legislatures last week. The Catholic leader also directed his grievances to the opposition following the Next week demonstrations.

The Mombasa Dioceses leader and Archbishop Martin Kivuva hosted the president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta and he had the same message of peace. He urged Kenyans to be curious and sensitive about political incite. The president also echoed the speech from the bishop about uniting Kenya and avoid violence.

In the Vatican, the same message was sent by pope Francis about the peace mission in Palestina and Israel. He also urged united nations to intervene in Syria and control the situation. The Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad does not see the purpose of leaving office hence the international community should intervene to rescue the situation in Syria. Pope Francis urged African leaders to practice good leadership and with democracy.

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