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CORD is Planning A MASS DEMONSTRATION/PROTESTS coming January to encouter Jubilee Manual voting Decision.

Raila Odinga and other CORD members at L.Victoria on a water sports event. PHOTO | RAO.COM

The CORD team through the ODM leader Hon Raila Odinga in HomaBay spoke in a similar voice that the Jubilee government forced to have the amendment placed on the electoral bill. According to the  CORD legislatures, they will organize a huge demonstrations across the country to mark the end of Jubilee political injustices.

The ODM leader also turned on the issues affecting the government and termed as a duplicitous regime.He also talked about the massive deployment of the police in the parliament premises as a way of scaring the opposition.

The ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi also urged Kenyan to wake up and fight this JAP disease that has been ailing Kenya, sucking everything through massive corruption. The ANC leader also urged the CORD strongholds to take National identity  Cards in order to Vote the government out despite the rigging preparations.

The ODM leader said that next will begin with mass demonstrations across all the counties. The CORD main Principle said,"Following the events of the past three days, it is with great disappointment that we as the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy, as well as our partners in other political parties, announce that we are going back to the people! It is time for PEACEFUL, NON-VIOLENT AND LEGAL MASS ACTION beginning Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 from 8:00 am across all 47 counties of the republic."

The Opposition Members said that the government is planning to use all the recruited police and the National Youth Service to supervise their rigging in the coming elections. He also added that the use of manual register will "give birth to the dead people" to vote in order to take President Uhuru back to power.

Read below on the facebook page of Raila Odinga of what he posted regarding the demonstrations in January and the steps the party will take next year.


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