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"Definition of gospel music changed over time" Says Pastor Pitson.

Sauti Sol Rubbishes Bahati thoughts in Gospel Industry.

The groove award winner gospel Artist Bahati has ashamed the gospel industry by mocking others. Yesterday Sauti Sols' Bien-Aime Baraza answered Bahati on the talk that he accused them of doing Gospel as well being Nominated in the 2016-2017 Groove Awards Best Gospel artist category.

The Angry Bien rubbished the Bahati claims and disregarded his thoughts. He went to the social Media and posted this in answering to Bahati Awards problems.

He said,“Bahati go and write songs or rather get good songwriters to work with you. DO NOT do music targeting awards. Awards are a by-product of quality. Use this energy to better your musicianship. Also, who told you to speak on behalf of Gospel musicians?.(Angry Bien) There are plenty of Gospel artists who are doing God’s work with anointing as they should. So stop r@ping an entire industry into your publicity stunts. It just makes Kenyan musicians, in general, look bad. Sautisol didn’t sing "Kuliko Jana" targeting any award. Music from the heart goes to the heart. As musicians, our legacy is cast on the song, not hype. I mean this with love and respect.”

Not only Bien was irritated with what Bahati posted but also several Gospel Artists were not happy with the way he treats others. L-Jay Maasai, Daddy Owen and Collo and Nyashinski also attacked Bahati thoughts in giving out the Groove message. Bahati eventually apologises on behalf of "Gospel Artists"  and entire Music industry on his thoughts about the gospel. "The definition of Gospel Music has changed over time and need people to update themselves. When someone is inspired to do gospel let do because it may be a way of saving that person even if he or she will do it in a secular way," Pitson hit the last Nail on Bahati's head.


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