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Donald Trump "POACHES" Mark Zuckerberger, Sylvester Stallone, Bill Gates, Jim Brown and Larry Page to make his Government.

Bill Gates and Jim in a photo session in Trumps Tower.  PHOTO | Courtesy

Donald Trump has been struggling in looking for quality and active individuals which will lead and make his extraordinary government. It is speculated that he is poaching the US billionaires to make the government.

Last week he started with Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and his fellow business counterpart Jim Brown. The president-elect named the two businessmen as the people with high calibre in the Technology world. Trump also admitted that the Next government will be a full of Technology because the world is now is derived from technology.

The president- Elect also met Mark Zuckerberg who is the Facebook founder and who owns Whatsapp, Instagram and other social media networks. The purpose of meeting the Facebook boss was to find out if the company can assist in developing the US and other businessmen from the Social Media business.

It is also speculated that the president-elect wants to take the google founder larry page to the white house. The Aim of taking Larry Page is not clearly known but it seems that Trump wants the Best Technology Gurus in the Whitehouse.

Slyvester Stallone with his friend planning to do a movie. PHOTO | Stallones FB

Today President-Elect met a veteran in the Film industry, Mr Sylvester Stallone. Stallone turned down the request of being the of the National Endowment for the Arts. The actor turned down the request because he wants to join politics in Philadelphia.  According to Stallone, joining the Trump government is not a problem but not at this moment.  The Oscar Award Nominated actor said, "I love Donald Trump but I always think that there are bigger and most popular actors and actresses like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Babe Ruth who are bigger in the entertainment industry than life itself." 


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