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Embu and Kilifi Residents refused Festive Eve cards from their governors.

Kilifi governor Amason Kingi. PHOTO | KCG

While people talking about the festive season, the Embu residents refused to accept the christmas and newyear card that the governor gave his people in Embu. The Embu governor Martin Wambora which the people are frustrated in his reign as the first governor said that their governor is very rich and can give good gift not words.

The residents claimed that the governor has enough money to distribute to each individual or house hold in embu as a Christmas gift. The angry residents said the billions of shillings the governor have are not equivalent to 30 words of Christmas gift.

Not only from Embu but also at Kilifi. The Kilifi residents refused the governors Christmas card because they said people are not celebrating anything. The drought hit area has claimed several lives hence the people tiold the governor to do somethin g for them atleast if its getting water for them instead of Christmas and Newyear cards.

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