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#GroovewithSafaricom: Reasons why 2016 Groove party cancelled in Nairobi by Safaricom event organisers.

Groove Party in Nairobi. PHOTO | George courtesy of FB.

The groove party which is sponsored by Safaricom at the end of every year has been cancelled in Nairobi. The end of year party which brings together artist and other celebrities to have a dinner together will not be held in Nairobi.

According to the Safaricom's' chief of party, the event will be held in two different regions in the Nairobi outskirts. One event will be happening at Machakos town and the other one in Thika. This party as well brings thousands of gospel artist and fans across the country, and its neighbours including Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

The reports are not yet fully confirmed but the chief of party will give out the real venues of the Groove party before the end of the week. According to our sources, this years' party will be held at a church in Thika and Machakos ground in Machakos town.

There is an increase in artists in the  Gospel industry this year. The Majority of the artists are from Nairobi and Western regions. This year the government planned a kitty for assisting the media industry and created a production board which will oversee the activities done by the media industry and the council.


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