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"I will not apologize, a thief is always a thief" Governor JOHO answers RUTO.

Joho made it clear to deputy president about the apology.

The Mombasa governor Hon. Ali Hassan Joho refuted the claims that he was to apologise to the deputy President William Ruto. In a political rally in Likoni, the governor said he will not apologize until heaven descends.

The furious governor said," I will not apologize to anyone because a thief will always remain as a thief unless he or she is taken to prison for rehabilitation". The hate speech allegations happened following the remarks he made concerning the deputy president that he called him a government thief.

The CORD team regards Jubilee administration as all of them are thieves. They steal money from the common " Mwananchi". This is according to the massive graft that has been hitting the government hinted by the opposition leader Hon.  Raila Odinga.

The CORD principals stuck on their fundamentals of Jubilee being a corrupt government and which does not respect other parties. In Several rallies, the opposition has been always criticizing the government on developmental issues and lack of credibility.


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