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"Im dying for Risper my Faith is in Her." Confesses a Mombasa Businessman.

Risper Faith in a club in Nairobi when she was perfoming. PHOTO | Courteys.

A Man from Mombasa publicly shared a Merry Christmas and Happy Newyear for Risper Faith. The man also shared that he deeply in love with the well-known socialite. The Man who is in grief and lonely after losing his wife said that the socialite has it all for him. As she posted to her friends and the fans across the country, wishing them great festive season, the man in Mombasa is dying for love only from the photos.

The Man who always have sleepless nights because of Risper added that she even placed her picture in the sitting room and save her as a wallpaper on his phone.  Did Risper faith know what this man is going through? The Man added that he is ready to do anything to her as long as she accepts his proposals. The Mombasa Businessman who owns a clearing and forwarding company posted on his Instagram account that she is solely dying for Risper.

The businessman will be stressed or will add more photos to his wallpaper and delete the old ones when he sees these. Here are the hilarious pictures that Risper Faith wished Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear to her fans. These photos will leave the Mombasa BusinessMan Salivating.

Have a look at them below.

Risper Faith at the beach in one of the hotels at the coast. PHOTO | Courtesy FB
Risper Faith  enjoying herself with her big booty at home. PHOTO | Courtesy.

Risper Faith at the beach in one of the hotels at the coast. PHOTO | Courtesy FB


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