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In this festive season,Why Driving to Mombasa may be Joyful but getting out someones its sorrow.?

Great things about Momnbasa this coming festival that will suprise you.

Mombasa big booty for holiday you will never believe.

Mombasa is the Oldest town in the history of Kenya. It was founded by the missionaries in mid 18th Century. It is also known for the hosting lenient people , who are generous and welcoming. As time goes by the town has changed drastically because of the increased population.

A lot of people came to Mombasa only for leisure. This coming season, Mombasa will be full of people travelling from different towns, only to  come find pleasure. It is only on the coast where you may find good beaches and nice hotels to stay with sufficient breeze.

The Mombasa culture enhances the movement of people from different areas. The dangerous thing about the town is "JUJU". Mombasa women are believed to know a lot of dark forces. Just take an example of women sieving tea with .... only to change men's mind.

There has been a slogan which says, "Get into the town is joyful but getting out is misery or in a case of Burial". This slogan shows how many people stuck in Mombasa because of the culture. Even sometimes students from different schools came to Mombasa to find pleasure, sometimes the pleasure changes to sorrow and mourning. A lot of children have been drawn to the Mombasa beaches.

The festive season is beginning and when you are planning to come to Mombasa, make sure you have proper plans of staying safe. For those who have husbands, let your husbands know the consequences of having external affair with Mombasa women. The affair may render husbandless.


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