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"Is the Luhya Region Used only for Politricks or Development?" A Gusii community elder Narrates.

President Kenyatta reopened Pan Paper and an Agricultural plant in Webuye. PHOTO | PSCU

The Luhya community and the region in Kenya have been made now like a playing field for the Politicians. The community which is really divided in politics, half of it now have a stand. According to some members of the community, they say that there is a trend with which the government is always tricking the community.

Some of the reasons why the politricks happen in the region without them understanding what is happening are outlined below.

In 2007 the former Kibaki Re-opened Pan paper mills in Webuye in order to get Luhya Votes, after he was elected 2008, the kibaki Government diverted Funds meant for Panpaper mills to a Tea factory in Kiambu.That lead to re-collapsing Pan paper company and leading to massive loss of Jobs in western kenya. That was the first trick Kibaki used to fool the Luhya community.
In 2010, President Kibaki again re-opened Pan paper mills for the purpose of having a smooth votes turnover for the current Government. President Uhuru garnered several votes in the area only to collapse it again in 2013 after the elections.

Yesterday on 17th December 2016, President Uhuru Kenyatta tried the same stinking strategy to ''"reopen'' pan paper mills and even renamed it, Rai Paper. The region has known his intentions which are sinister and selfish and aimed only at getting Luhya votes next year. One of the elders from the Abagusii community spoke to bana and said: "We know the trend and after the elections next year the Rai paper mills will be collapsed and the allocated money will be used elsewhere if not embezzled."


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