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Jubilee MPs Passed the MANUAL VOTE TRANSMISSION as CORD MPs Boycott.

Raila Odinga playing football at Homabay. While CORD MPS failed to secure the electronic system. PHOTO | Awour

Opposition leaders have failed to block the election rule due to the tyranny of numbers.The JAP MPs overtook the whole house and reinstated the law. Today morning the Parliament premises had a lot of police from all department only to secure the today's special seating.

The CORD members of parliament failed to acquire the required number to ascertain the rule as null. The opposition members of parliament walked away, thereby boycotting the critical session.

The Jubilee MPs took advantage of the situation and passed the amendments that will see the use of manual transmission of election results in cases where the electronic system fails.

The government issued a threat to anyone who will try to cause a fracas in the coming elections despite the opposition talks on boycotting the elections.  The JAP legislatures took the advantage of tyranny of numbers and passed the law. The next years' elections will be done in both Manual and electronic.


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