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Kilifi is Among the TOP 4 counties leading in G@YISM according to a Research Institute.

Lazima Kielweke Rally in Malindi held by the county governor Amason Kingi.

Kilifi county is among the TOP counties in Kenya with an alarming rate of g@yism. The counties which are at the Top with a high rate of h0m0 s£xuality is Lamu, Mombasa, Nairobi and Kilifi respectively. The coast region is adversely affected by that calamity following increased in child abuse, poverty, and early pregnancies.

The factors that are considered to be affecting the counties are the increased rate of youth idleness. This is contributed by the increase of jobless youths in the society.

The drought that affected Kilifi county promoted the s£x business in the county respective towns. The business was only meant to provide a source of revenue for the families to feed themselves.

The most affected towns in Kilifi are Mtwapa and Mariakani. These towns have hosted at least 10,000 g@ys as stipulated by one of the research institutes in Kilifi.

The county governments have been urged to intervene the situation as most the youth, especial boy child will be in danger if no emergency action will be taken. The organizations which deal with child abuse and drugs addictions also urged to help the counties in fighting the calamity. The organizations like NACADA and FIDA are the ones which are responsible for creating awareness.


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