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Madaraka Day hangovers and results.

Celebration in Nairobi led by President Kenyatta.

Madaraka day results are so astonishing. The groups that clashed yesterday in Meru and Mombasa have vowed to continue with that mood until elections. According to the county commissioners, the groups created a bad picture to the republic and they are needed to stop it Immediately.

The Mombasa county commissioner Evans Achoki vowed to take down the Mombasa politicians who are inciting youths. Yesterday the Mombasa Governor Ali Joho supporters clashed with Nyali M.P Hezron Awiti group and caused a fracas. The supporters from the two sides charged to climax and engaged before the speech of the county commissioner. The county commissioner dismissed the  Jamhuri rally at Tononoka sports ground.

President Uhuru Kenyatta urged the supporters from the two parties to stay calm and wait for the results in 2017 rather than destroying others properties.
Speaking at Jamhuri day celebration, President Kenyatta also promised Kenyans that the next year's elections will be free and fair.

In regards to doctors and nurses strike, the president urged the county government to initiate talks with the health workers union in order to end the health drama.


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