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Mombasa Governor Urged Rift Valley and Central residents to vote for Raila in 2017 and for him in 2022.

Mombasa Governor bid for 2022 presidential bid. PHOTO | George

The Mombasa governor Hassan Ali Joho gave thanks to the people of Mombasa for he had the first chance of being a governor. Actually the first governor of Mombasa. He gave out an encouraging speech because people are thinking who will be the next governor.

Governor Joho provided the reasons why the CORD leader failed in the last two attempts. The fearless governor outlined that Hon Raila Odinga failed in the last presidential attempts because the Kikuyu and Kalenjin fear that they will lose their properties.
The main reasons apart from properties is the leadership. The people from those regions argue that when Odinga becomes the president they will not be able to get power again. The governor urged the people from allover the country to vote for CORD because the future is there.

Hon Hassan Joho shared a meal with the Mombasa residents  as a thank you for the five years he has been in the County as a head. The Mombasa residents vowed to return Hon. Joho next year to the seat.  He also insisted that come 2022 he will be vying for presidential seat.

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