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MRC demonstrate in Likoni following Mwamunwadzi disappearance.

Sonko is accused of hiding the MRC leader. PHOTO | BANA

The Mombasa Republican council (MRC) members today demonstrated at Likoni following the disappearance of their leader Omar Mwamunwadzi. The Likoni residents protested following the alleged killing of their leader by the police.

The outlawed group desperately demonstrated because of some rumors that the MRC leader was murdered by police. The group now demands to know where is the leader.

The group became active again this year because of the next year's elections. The group which has a slogan of "Pwani si Kenya" demanded the Nairobi senator Hon Mike Sonko produce their leader because it is allegedly left in the hands of Hon Sonko.

According to the senator, the MRC leader is suspected to left Kenya last year to Tanzania. The leader has been hiding in Tanzania following the police crackdowns in his area in Kombani, Ukunda. Today demonstration shows that the Sonko information was not satisfactory to the Likoni residents especially the ones close to Ukunda. 

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