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No Jubilation in Jubilee as Members fight over unfair county party Nomination.

No jubilation in Jubilee as Members fight in Public in different counties concerning Nominations. PHOTO | PSCU

No Jubilation in the counties as the jubilee Nomination turn to chaos. The candidate at the county level started fighting due to different lists of people in the nominations.

The counties which had no Jubilation were Mombasa, Kiambu, Kisii, Nairobi, Kirinyaga and Embu. The Jubilee party officials led by Onyango Oloo we forced out of a nomination hall in Mombasa. The Nominations turned into chaos and the Jubilee top officials fought in public.

People urged the Nominations to be repeated because it was not free and fair. The Majority of the party nominees moved from the government party to other parties. The parties which benefited the breakout are PNU and KANU. The affiliate parties benefited because, all of them propose the current president and the deputy and they are under the Jubilee umbrella.

The majority of the Nominated officials also disregarded the IEBC methods of filling many forms as a waste of time. The commision also was allegedly to have hidden agenda by monitoring people privacy following the statements given by the commisioners that all candidates to provide their personal banks accounts.


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