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Parents threatened to chase out Dr. Matiang like Prof. Kaimenyi if some student will miss KCSE results.

Some pupils misssed up KCPE results 2016

The Education cabinet secretary Dr Fred Matiang work is in danger after the missed results pupils parents decided to join and take him to court. Some of the pupils who got their results also their slips had problems.

Ruth Njeri is one of the parents who her child got 356 marks from Roka primary, Mwea. The results from certain subjects were dashes but the total marks showed 356. She was among many parents who gathered to find a solution of whereabouts of the children marks.

Some students from Malindi schools also gathered today and are preparing to demonstrate following subject marks disappearance. The purpose that made CS Matiang to announce the results so early was to show how aggressiveness he is in terms of working in the Ministry.

Few pupils also missed up their results and the online system showed NILL.  The Ministry is in a big mess, each sector pointing out the other regarding the results saga. KICD, TSC, KNEC and the MOEST are all being fully responsible for the for the mistakes. The parents also urged that next years' KCSE results to be free from errors or else the ministry will find them on the streets. Parents threatened to chase out Dr Matiang like what they did to Prof. Kaimenyi.

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