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"People and organisations are funded to cause chaos Next years' elections, We know them." Says Interior PS Kibicho.

Karanja Kibicho says kenya is safe people should not worry about the funded NGO.

The interior security permanent secretary Mr Karanja Kibicho urged Kenyans to stay calm until the elections happen.  This comes after the allegation of some of the Non-governmental organisation are sponsored by international communities to cause chaos.

The Ps Karanja Kibicho said that some organisations were funded to provide civic education and voter registration as a by the way but the main aim is causing mayhem. He added that the funds should be deposited to the IEBC accounts because it is the only commission that provides anything concerning elections.

The international organisations which were funded in Kenya to provide the IEBC and the elections education are European union(Kenya), USAID, DANIDA, JAICA, Plan International, DFID and much more.

Kibicho also insisted that any chaos that will be seen before and after elections, the organisations which were funded will be held responsible. This words comes after the president said the same, following Central Bank alert about the funds being transfered to the Kenyan banks.

The IEBC will be expected to start Voter civic education in January Next year. The civic education will be done by the new IEBC commissioners who will be appointed in that same month.  The current commissioners are expected to leave office by Christmas this year.[no-sidebar]

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