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President Kenyatta Opens Police I-CASH system SACCO and Ngara Police SACCO plaza.

What is I- Cash police sacco system? President Kenyatta demostrating in Police Sacco headquaters. PHOTO | PSCU

The police have been in the dark without a Sacco, a cooperative society or a trade union. The police who sometimes live in bad conditions and desperately looking for answers, today president Kenyatta has at least solved some of the problems the National police service are facing.

President Kenyatta today officially opened a new Police SACCO Plaza in Ngara, Nairobi. The president said, "The cooperative movement through SACCOs has empowered many Kenyans economically, proving that unity of purpose is the way to sustainable development and now it will also assist and empower our police service."

The president also opened a new SACCO system called i-Cash System which will enable members of the SACCO to carry out their transactions seamlessly. The president also promised Kenyans to join SACCOs because next year the Government will implement a tax-relief only for the SACCOs to enable Kenyans access cheaper credit.

He also urged the Police to stay calm as the government has prepared more funds and resources that will enable them to work in a better environment. The president also emphasised that if he will win the presidency in the second round, the police will have equally or more resources than any other public servant. 


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