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President Uhuru Kenyatta criticised by the Opposition over launching Mega Road projects while Hospitals are closed.

President Kenyatta launching a road project in Kitui. PHOTO | PSCU
President Kenyatta launches a mega Road project in Kitui. PHOTO |  courtesy PSCU

President Uhuru Kenyatta today commissioned a multi-billion project at Kitui. The project which is estimated cost taxpayer 4.2 billion. The project will take two to complete. The deal signed by the Kitui county government and the national government will comprise of a construction and upgrading to bitumen standard of the Kibwezi–Kitui-Kabati-Mwigwani road.

Without forgetting politics, President Kenyatta refuted the claims that the Jubilee party and the government are broke. The Party leader also demanded to have accountability on the people who will be left with the project. The government has been criticized for overspending money on politics and unnecessary trips.

The opposition leader also pointed out about what the Kenyans are going through right now.Speaking at a general public at a "baraza" in Karsigei, Hon Raila Odinga said that Kenyans do not have doctors and hospitals are closed while the president went to Kitui to launch a Road project.

"Kenyans are dying with hospitals closed and the President is launching Multi-billion Road projects. He does not understand what the ordinary "Mwananchi" feel on the ground. Roads will not cure people but basic things that are prior and need urgent attention." Hon. Odinga said in the Baraza.

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